1902 in Canada

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Events from the year 1902 in Canada.



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Historical documents[edit]

Laurier cabinet member praised as "Finance Minister of surpluses, high wages and general prosperity"[2]

North-West Territories official says rapidly developing N.W.T. could become Canada's dominant province[3]

Copper and nickel miners live in pollution-devastated landscape near Sudbury, Ontario[4]

Western farmers form grain growers association to oppose corporations and "wheat blockade"[5]

Immigrants arrive in Saskatchewan and enjoy megabushel first harvest of wheat[6]

Entomologist on pest control with crude petroleum, potash-and-fish-oil (either in solution) and hydrocyanic acid gas in fumigation tents[7]

Young mission doctor captains medical ship through storm on Strait of Belle Isle[8]

Lucy Maud Montgomery gives tips to beginning photographers[9]


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